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Whether it be a broken window or sliding glass door, please give us a call and let our staff take care of the problem.   We offer free estimates and would be happy to come look at your window and give you a quote on getting it fixed.  Some of the common problems that we take care of are broken panes, failed insulated units (moisture between the panes), broken or missing balance springs, worn out sliding glass door rollers, and replacing window or door hardware.

Most broken windows aren't too hard to replace.  After we measure the glass we will either cut it at our shop or special order it if needed.  Our installers will then give you a call when the glass is ready and schedule an appointment to have it installed.  Most window replacements don't take longer than an hour.  If you are able to get the window out yourself and bring it to our shop you can save some money on the labor. 

If you need to replace window hardware such as balance springs, rollers, locks, etc., we carry parts for most of the windows in our area.  If your window or sliding glass door doesn't open or close very well it probably needs some parts replaced.